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Fee schedule

What you pay per hour is dependant on your income. We leave it to you to self assess your income level, and therefore the fee you will pay.

When calculating rates for an individual, the total gross combined income of the couple is counted, if in a relationship.

Incomes are per year, gross

Please contact us for rate scales, as they depend on which country you are in, and what currency you will use.

All fees are calcuated hourly. An hour is the full 60 minutes. If a session longer, the rate is charged pro rata. So 1.5 hours is 1.5 x the hourly rate. The hourly rate is the same for individuals, couples or families.

We realise that some people are in difficult financial hardship, especially when responsible for young children and with limited support; these circumstances will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Intake forms

Please fill in the intake form:

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