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Supervision with Steve Vinay Gunther - informed consent

My orientation

My commitment is to your personal and professional growth and empowerment.

The base of my approach is Gestalt therapy. Amongst other things that means that my focus in on increasing your awareness, expanding your range of choices, and assisting you to become more fully who you are. I intend to do this in a way which respects both of our wisdom and experience. I may include myself in the process, and am open to being challenged by you if you think something doesn't fit.

I am interested in both the way you work - the technical side, as well as what you bring personally to your work. The feelings and reactions you have are as significant to me as the particular issues you are dealing with in terms of client manageent.

My training is also in Family constellation, Narrative therapy and Ericksonian approaches, so these underpin the kind of guidance and feedback I will give you.

I am not interested in using DSM diagnostic categories, so do not give support on that level.

I consider the best form of supervision to include session records such as video, or secondarily audio. You can supply these to me beforehand if you wish, and I will use some of our supervision time - an amount that is negotiated with you - to review the session record. I will then give you feedback at our session. At least 20 minutes of a session is a good amount of time.

Frequency and course

You can use me on an occasional basis, or alternatively commit to a regular schedule.

During times I am teaching in other countries, my availability is limited to sessions via Skype, facetime, or telephone. I am also available via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook video, and Wei Xin video.

If the connection quality is poor, I find that some mediums are better than others. Facetime is good quality, but with a poor connection, Skype works better. Zoom can be good with low bandwidth, and sometimes Wei Xin works very well when other mediums dont.

If the connection is poor, then a phone call may also be an option. This is at my expense.

If after attempting via a few of the above means, none of these mediums is working at a sufficient level of quality, then we can agree to reschedule the session.


I am trained in Gestalt therapy, and am a member of EAGT (European Association of Gestalt Therapy). I am also accredited as a Career Counsellor with the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), and provide a service in this area. My highest academic qualification is a Masters in Mental Health. I have training and experience in family and couples therapy, Family Constellations work, and I can also teach a basic mediation practice.


I am committed to the professional code of ethics of the associations I belong to. The EAGT code of ethics can be looked up online at: 

I hold myself accountable to this code, and if I unwittingly contravene it in some way that you are aware of, please tell me.

I consider the insurance industry to be an unethical participant in the counselling field, and do not support the holding of indemnity insurance. You can see a piece I have written on the subject here.


I am committed to professionally confidentiality. This is balanced by the rights of others and society in general. There are limits to confidentiality and certain situations where information must be disclosed by law. This includes:

  • If abuse or neglect of children or elders is suspected or present
  • If a person is in real danger of significantly harming  themselves, other people or property.
  • If I am ordered to do so by the courts or by legal requirements

These situations are extremely rare, and breaking confidentiality will only occur after due consultation with senior colleagues and after informing you. These limits to confidentiality are based on the principle of doing the least harm.

I am in supervision myself, so your cases may be discussed with a supervising professional. This person is also limited by professional confidentiality.

Fees and Payment

I do not extend credit. Sessions must be paid for on completion. Cash, cheque, credit card, direct debit, Poli (in Australia) or paypal is accepted (please note for paypal, you must elect to pay the paypal transfer charge).

If my professional time is required for other services that you request such as report writing, telephone conversations that last more than 10 minutes, or attendance at meetings, I charge my time on a prorated basis.

An hour is the full 60 minutes. The fee is $220 per hour.

Attendance and cancellation

24 hours notice for cancellation is required or the session must be paid for in full, excepting in cases of emergency. If your sessions are being covered by a third party, this payment will have to be paid by you.

Cancellation must be by either email or phone.

If you are late for a session, we will still end at the arranged time.

If I am late for a session, I will extend your session by that much time. If this is problematic for you, then I will owe you that portion of time.

If I miss a session, or have to cancel it with less than 24 hours notice to you, then I will owe you a session - at no charge to you.


In the event of an emergency for which you feel immediate attention is necessary, I will make reasonable efforts to make myself available. If I am not immediately available, please leave a message indicating the matter is urgent.


You can reach me in the following ways

Phone in Australia: 02 8064 7431.

Phone in the USA: +1323 381 9810


Intake form

Please fill in the intake form here to register as a supervisee.