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We help people live more authentically

Couples therapy sessions

  • Do you have too much pain in your relationship?
  • Do you need to save your relationship?
  • Do you want to build a better relationship?

We can help you

We are highly trained experts in marital therapy

We have helped many couples to a better relationship

Our training

We both have Masters degrees in Gestalt Therapy.

Steve also has a Masters in Mental Health, and is an international therapy trainer, with 30 years experience.

Sutara is also an Early Childhood Educator, with training in child psychotherapy.


We are from Australia, and have 5 children and 4 grandchildren.

We can help you to

  • step out of stuck patterns, and find new ways of relating
  • learn how to communicate better
  • rebuild intimacy and trust
  • repair and heal, hurt and resentments
  • have difficult conversations without things falling apart
  • go beyond blame and defensiveness
  • deal with sexual difficulties
  • find deeper connection



We allow 1.5 hours


Same as for individual sessions.See the rate scales here:



USA & all other countries


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In Los Angeles:

217 E. Alameda Ave #301, Burbank 91502

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+1 323 381 9810


How many sessions?

It depends...

Sometimes its only possible to do one session. For a very specific issue, and with a willingness to have a strong focus, this can be very productive.

Generally though, to have a serious look at an issue requires at least 6 sessions.

If this issue is entrenched, complex, or has been around a long time, its more likely to need several months of therapy.

For deeper work which is oriented towards a profound restructuring of ways of being in the world, dealing with significant trauma, or turning a marriage around, its more likely to require a year of consistent therapy.

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What is Gestalt?

Gestalt therapy is an action approach to authentic living that emphasizes dynamic, present centred awareness rather than abstract analysis.   

It is a psychotherapy of growth, not one of illness and pathology. As such, the focus is on creative adjustment and the facilitation of ongoing maturation throughout one’s life. 

Picture a jigsaw with only one piece missing: we have an inherent desire to fit that piece, and an innate sense of satisfaction when the picture is complete. This drive to completion, wholeness, or Gestalt, is what propels us to deal with unfinished issues in our lives and to experience a nagging sense of discomfort until that is done.

The Gestalt Approach

Is grounded in the here and now

When feelings are not fully experienced in the past, they carry over into the present and interfere with experiencing in the present moment. This ‘unfinished business’ is addressed by facing what has been avoided, and bringing it gently into full awareness, in the now.

Emphasises that each person is responsible for his or her own destiny 

People are supported to find their own way in life. The acceptance of personal responsibility is seen as key to achieving maturity.

Respects each person as the best expert on themselves

Rather than starting with the therapist’s insight and answers, value is placed on the client’s perception of reality. Awareness is heightened and explored, people are supported to find their own truths.

Supports genuine encounter

 Talking about experiences can be interesting, informative, but is once-removed from life. It is not an effective way of working through difficulties. 

The vividness and immediacy of direct contact is utilised in Gestalt as a potent force for change. Whatever problems exist outside of the therapy relationship can be examined in the present moment. New and fresh experiments are designed to bring novel perspectives to old problems.

Facilitates the unification (‘re-owning’)  process 

Accepting all aspects of self without judgement, a person becomes strong enough to carry on with their own personal growth. The more unified a person is, the more authentic and vital their existence will be. 

Utilises the paradox of change

Change results not from striving to be different, but from accepting fully what is. Change then becomes inevitable; in harmony with the dynamism of life, rather than effortful work.

Is sensitive to vulnerability

Contemporary Gestalt pays attention to a person’s need for support, both internal and external. ‘As much as is necessary, and as little as possible’ is the suggestion of Laura Perls. This modern approach to Gestalt takes into account the effects of shame and over exposure in life and in therapy, and works to create a solid ground of relationship which underpins the natural momentum of change.

What clients say

Steve lives what he teaches. His authenticity, amongst others, is the quality I appreciate and admire the most in him. As a Gestalt Therapist, he is pretty much a gestalt himself. He is sharp at spotting the right “figure”, yet very much in the “allowing” state to stop “pushing” when it is appropriate.

He is compassionate, yet has a healthy psychological boundary. He is authoritative, yet as warm and supportive as the Mother Earth. His authenticity and genuine sharing of his own complexity open up a safe and encouraging space for me to acknowledge and own the devil in me.

I’m still learning how to do it and a bunch of other things Steve has pointed out for me, but after seeing him for four months now, I am more capable of expressing myself, especially to authorities; I started to feel attracted to and admire my husband for the first time in my life (Oh yeh, I’m not kidding!); and the period from one binge-eating to the next has been lengthened (my latest food-sober record was a month whereas it was only a week in the last 2 years.)

I sure look forward to more to come with the support and help from Steve! Thank you from my heart Steve!

~ Maria C. - Translator


I have known Steve for over a decade and have called on him in my darkest hours to help see my world and the people in it more clearly. Steve offers incredible presence, perception and therapeutic skills which are rare. I have learnt a great deal from Steve about self- love, self-realisation and human relationships. In recent years, I have referred clients and friends to him for even deeper support and guidance.

~ John H - Corporate Alchemist


I met Steve Gunther first as a clinical supervisor and then as a therapist and Gestalt Therapy trainer. What impressed me was his ability to stay focused on my processes as well as the content of the material I brought to those sessions. He was very present as a collaborative person in the therapeutic conversation. At no time did he step back as an “expert”, even though he undoubtedly was, but entered the work real and grounded.

I very much appreciated that, and what I learned from these experiences has enhanced my own therapeutic practice, allowing me to more keenly observe the subtle shifts than occur when in the presence of others.

I believe that Steve’s skill can be overlooked, and wrongly so, because of this skilfulness. It is a rare thing, a skill that is so practiced that it seems not to be there at all. I recommend him unreservedly to students and clients alike.

~ Elizabeth M, Counselor, Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist


My sessions with Steve have allowed a greater understand of the dynamics involved in creating my 'inner world', helping me face and experience emotions in the present that were previously unavailable. His ability to identify core blocks to self awareness and openness in sharing his experience of related emotions is powerful. The practical tools Steve has given to identify and handle difficult emotions have been of great benefit.  

~ Trevor H - Farmer


Steve is a truly gifted teacher and therapist who is clearly practising his calling. He brings wisdom, genuine caring and compassion to our sessions and he has helped me finally navigate a path towards a healthier and more skilful way to approach anxiety, stress and behaviours that were damaging to my relationships and my work. I have seen psychologists before and been left with little. This is the first time that I have seen genuine changes to my mental well-being that has improved the quality of my relationships, work and life.

~ Rohan L, Medical Doctor and Consultant


Steve has supported and enabled me to move through the most profound times of change and growth in both my personal and vocational choices. His guidance is such that you are opened to the truth of your feelings and thoughts by way of inviting you to observe these and answer the most significant questions that arise from them.

His ability to seek the truth from your own answers, without judgement, meant our work together gave me the first real chance to face myself and all the qualities that make up my character. The life experience that Steve brings from his own journey adds yet a deeper level of integrity to the process.

When you are ready to honestly address that part of you which makes up the person and your place in this world then here is the most gifted guide to finding the great strength of true self-awareness. The time together will generate the most vital and solid understanding of your path in this life that you may encounter. I am forever grateful to Steve and the ways that he has shown me for living in the reality of the present. It is a gift.

~ Simon F. Organic Recycling Manager


I first met Steve through a presentation he did on Family Constellations. This was a very powerful and releasing experience. I since contacted him for personal work and professional supervision. I have benefitted greatly from continued sessions, I feel aware of the roles I play in my life, and have stopped blaming others for the decisions I have made. I feel in control of the direction my life takes now. This, amongst a myriad of other revelations, has given me greater freedom and a sustained sense of happiness.

~ Natalie H. Acupuncturist, R.N.

Steve demonstrates a calm, gentle and insightful approach and works to create a comfortable yet beneficial client experience.  I was regularly surprised at how much I enjoyed our sessions. He provided me with a high degree of confidence in his method and is a clearly professional practitioner.  I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to those seeking insight and understanding of themselves and their experiences.

~ Karey P., CEO Software Engineering