Become a Career Decision Coach: Home Study course


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Professional Training in Career Decision Coaching™

Suitable for counsellors, coaches & HR professionals

Why becomes a Career Decision Coach™?

One and Only

This is the only Career course that can achieve results for your client in a single session. You can guarantee an outcome, every time.

Excellent Value, Fast return

After one week of study you are up and running. You can earn back the cost of this course in less than two sessions.

Easily Learnt, Easily Applied

I provide you with clear directions that are easy to use. Can be paper based, or use my proprietary software.


The best reward for a professional is a satisfied customer.  You will be helping clients find their dream career path. This is deeply fulfilling work. 

100% Guarantee

At the end of this complete course you will be able to offer a Career Decision Session with an outcome of 2 ideal career paths for your client.

Another string to your bow

Create or boost your private practice. Career Decision Coaching is a largely untapped market. Being able to achieve results in a single session is a highly valuable capacity

Diversify your income

Having an additional income stream is always welcome. Career decision coaching™ is another service you can offer. 

The demand

There is a large and mostly untapped market for career decision coaching™. In these days of fluid workplaces, people change careers 3-5 times over the course of their life. They generally need support in this process.

There are relatively few people working in the career coaching field, and most rely on the intensive use of one or two assessment instruments. 

This approach uses a multi-layered process, holistic process which is more robust, and allows you to guarantee satisfaction to the client in a single session. 

Immediate results

You can start earning straight away - this is a complete package with everything you need. 

You have two choices - to use the software I designed, or you can use my paper templates. Either way, you just have to follow the steps I provide, including scripting for the session.

Improve your own career

If you are an employee of an HR department or job agency, you will be uniquely placed to deliver better outcomes to clients, enhancing your own career prospects.

Financial return

In private practice a session of this type is generally charged out at between $600– $950. 

For corporates, the rates range from $950 – $1,600.

At the lowest rate, it will take only two sessions to get your money back from this course - a fast turn around.

Home Study

The course is self paced, easy to learn, and contains everything you need. You can learn it with pen and paper, or use our proprietary software. The course incudes instructional videos, and a full script for running a session.

The cost is $1,250.

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